Borno: When Zulum, Kadafur’s relationship speaks

By: Yusuf Adamu
Recently, I engaged with some group of people to gauge their take on the Zulum/Kadafur act on governance in Borno state. To my surprise they all fall on the same page as my views suggested. A loyal deputy and a passionate governor are making the people of Borno proud.
For many years, the Borno people have seen political evolutions with its attendant consequences, whether positive or negative, a Borno man would tell you that, the political atmosphere in the state has always been a mixture of loyalty and betrayal. Like in other state, deputies have been called spare tyres. What it means is that they are kept in a closure until needed. No wonder that such relationship between governor and their deputies lasted only while they are in office.
In the case of Zulum and Kadafur, i did not see such saltless relationship but a partnership that play for the good of the people. I have been a keen watcher and participant in this administration from inception. I have seen a unique kind of relationship between our governor and his deputy. I took notice of their relationship and the way they are operating. There is a synergy that is working for a common goal. I also seen an uncommon and mutual respect between our two leaders and it tells me that, this relationship between  governor Zulum and his deputy Usman Kadafur was not a political marriage of convenience, but rather a long time understanding built on respect and honour.
As a keen observer of unfolding events in Borno and an active participant in its political lines, I have the previledged of taking much closer look than many onlookers who are choking themselves with sentiments simply for an agenda they know would not work or at least not now in the state. I have some of them that those who are condemning other people’s love for Zulum and Kadafur are doing so at their own peril.
As a leader governor Zulum has taken a deliberate step to make an uncommon difference by giving his deputy the opportunity to showcase a new concept in governance. Their administrative approach has left many wondering to the effect that, Kadafur’s “NO” is Zulum’s “NO”. We have seen that on many occasions decisions taken by the deputy have the full support of the governor and where every move made by the governor is fully supported by the deputy. Someone said their kind of coordination is perfect for achieving good governance.
Zulum and Kadafur are both symbol of humility and have their hearts pushing for the common goal of building Borno state. They are also willing to listen at all times and to get suggestion from every quota so long as those suggestion would not impede on the interest of the people of Borno state.
Last week I was in Biu to witness the wedding of the daughter of my brother and friend – The Chief of Army Staff, Lt General Tukur Yusuf Buratai. During a welcoming address for the governor at the Emir’s Palace, I took note of the wordings coming out from His Excellency, Alhaji Usman Kadafur, unlike in a political situation where encomium will pouring for the politics of pleasing the boss, facts known to the electorate are well spoken of and the deputy governor did not mince word when he was listing the achievements made under the Zulum administration in Biu local government.
He spoke on the first move by the governor to built a befitting local government secretariat, a project which was completed in 74 days before the governor attend the 100 days in office. He also speaks on the renovation of the local education authority, the laying of the foundation for Biu Central Mosque, which is near in completion, the commissioning of the local government mega school, the directive give to build high Islamic school, the 2.9 km township road, the mega school in Buratai and the Clinic in Buratai, which the governor directed to have them in place. I could not but align myself with the deputy governor that indeed governor Babagana Zulum has a heart for southern Borno.
The governor’s passion for achieving result and also to ensure he keeps the promises he made to the people of Borno state put him in the forefront of discussion even before he arrived Biu last week where he attended the wedding of the daughter of the Army Chief and also commission the Nigeria Army University Institute for War and Peace in Buratai.
The crowd that greeted the governor’s arrival in Biu town confirms my position in many areas that I have been an advocate for the Borno state governor Babagana Umara Zulum as a party stakeholder in Borno state.
In Biu, the governor also make time to discuss issues affecting Borno state in general with the Army Chief. The meeting was another milestone in the build up for a better Borno state. I believe it was also a pointer that, leaders in Borno state under this administration are taking decisive steps in bringing back the lost glory of the state in its character as a home of peace.
I must say that, I envy Zulum/Kadafur pedigree of work. Their vision for Borno is driven by an inspiration to please the people. So, I am not surprise that they have increasingly finds favour and love from the people through their hard work. Because after Biu, the governor departed Maiduguri early morning of Sunday by road to Ngoshe in Gwoza local government in the south-east of Borno where he spent the whole day on an inspection of 200 low-cost houses for the resettlement of internally displaced persons. He has since assuming office undertook at least 10 trips to different parts of Gwoza for humanitarian and development purposes. Such a deliberate move is not dependent on getting cheap political score.
* Yusuf Adamu writes from Abuja

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