Brymo: I’m bigger than Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy

I’M Africa’s finest artiste alive not them, they aspire to be me!” these were the words of Olawale Brymo Ashimi when he was compared to Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy.

Continuing, he said, “They are bigger because Americans and Londoners said so. Make your favourites take a two-year break without collaborations make we see who go listen to them on return. Your faves still dey struggle to perform live and write songs.”


The 33-year-old father of one took to the microblogging site, Twitter to brag about his musical prowess after the release of his seventh solo album, Yellow.

“I’m Africa’s best… and I’m an artist, you shouldn’t be surprised if I do drugs,” Brymo said when a Twitter user referred to him as Iyana Ipaja Frank Sinatra.

The former signee under Chocolate City said he’s not a king but a deity for allegedly inventing the alternative sounds in  the Nigerian music industry.

“Def, not a king, I invented the alternative, don’t need to be crowned. Overall, I’m more like a deity, now bow to me. I’m not a king, I’m a deity! Kings get paid salaries by politicians these days you know,” he said.

With 10 body of works including 7 solo albums, Brymo took a swipe at those comparing him with Wizkid, Burna Boy and Davido saying, “They rate people that sample music and copy legacy.”

On why he wore a female pant popularly known as G-string, Brymo said it was because loincloth was the height of advancement in clothing across Africa at some point.

He said, “Because that was the height of advancement in clothing across the continent before others came and gave us real clothes, and we’ve never evolved past that period. take the imported piano and bridges and cars and high rises in our cities and all that’s left is the loincloth”

On how he makes his music, Brymo opened up saying he completes a song between 30 mins and a month. The singer went further to explain his routine of music production saying he writes the song then the producer makes a beat to the sound he has created. When asked why he hasn’t been engaging in collaborations in recent times, Brymo said, “I do, just very picky.”


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