Chelsea, Man City Walk On A Tight Rope, Warned They Could Both Be Kicked Out Of The Premier League Over Financial Fair Play Breaches

Chelsea and Man City could both be booted out of the Premier League if they are found guilty of Financial Fair Play breaches, according to reports.

Nottingham Forest became the latest club to be punished by the English top flight after an independent commission decided to dock them four points over their own breaches of its Profit and Sustainability rules.


The Premier League have claimed that the club exceeded their PSR threshold by as much as £34.5million in the pertinent period, with the club now dropping into 18th in the relegation zone on 21 points. An appeal will likely follow.

It came after Everton were also punished with a points deduction over breaches – initially standing at ten points before it was reduced to six.

Now City and Chelsea have been warned they face expulsion from the top flight if they are found to have breached regulations.

Manchester City are awaiting the outcome of 115 charges brought against them by the Premier League at the start of last year, with a trial date set by bosses but yet to be officially confirmed.

Chelsea, meanwhile, have not been charged over financial breaches but there have been fears that the club could soon be punished after spending more than £1billion since being taken over by Todd Boehly in May 2022.

The Sun highlighted a warning from three men in the comission who dolled out the punishment to Forest that could spell trouble for Man City and Chelsea.

Robert Glancy KC, Mark Hovell and Steve Holt wrote how unlimited sanctions ranged ‘from a warning through to expulsion from the Premier League’.

They added in their 52-page document: ‘Where a PSR breach is “minor”, then it will be for other Commissions to determine if any points deduction is necessary, appropriate or proportionate.

‘But if the breach is properly described as “major” then it may be the case that even a very severe sanction such as expulsion is more appropriate.’

Premier League CEO Richard Masters reiterated that a trial date for Man City’s case was set in January but did not reveal when it would take place.

Mail Sport reported last year that the ‘trial of the century’ was pencilled in for late 2024, with a verdict not expected until at least summer 2025. City are accused of breaching 115 regulations over 14 seasons from 2009-10 onwards.

The charges include claims over financial reporting and a lack of co-operation with a Premier League investigation which was opened in 2018. City deny any wrongdoing.

As for Chelsea, they have slightly spread the cost by using amortization to pay the fees over several years by handing lengthy contracts to players, but the Blues are still the highest spenders in the top flight during that period.

Reports from the Telegraph recently claimed the Blues must raise roughly £100m in sales before the end of june to avoid being penalised.

Such is their delicate position, Mail Sport told last month of how Chelsea bosses were concerned that sacking Mauricio Pochettino this season would cost around £10m and therefore put them in danger of exceeding spending rules.

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