Christmas: Zulum greets Christians, asks citizens to reflect on how frontline soldiers, volunteers, IDPs, refugees mark Christmas today 

… ‘Why I apply Carrot and Stick on security issues’
Borno Governor, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum, has felicitated with Christians in Borno and rest of Nigeria, wishing everyone a peaceful, joyful and blessed Christmas.
Governor Zulum, however, called on all Nigerians to take some moments today for deep reflections.
“While felicitating with fellow citizens and wishing everyone a peaceful, joyful and blessed Christmas festival, I will like to urge all of us, Nigerians, to take some moments today, to deeply reflect by wondering within us, how soldiers who are genuinely dedicated, how security armed forces like them, how our volunteers from the civilian JTF, local hunters and vigilantes, are currently marking their own Christmas in bushes, hunting Boko Haram and also being hunted by the insurgents, and also how families of these forces and volunteers are celebrating without their bread winners. At the same time, we should ask ourselves how thousands of yet to be resettled internally displaced persons and fellow Nigerians taking refuge in foreign countries are also celebrating today’s Christmas, lined up for food in camps and host communities. Reflecting on the conditions of fellow citizens will push everyone of us with conscience to rededicate ourselves to ceaselessly pray for peace, to supporting the fight through generating relevant information for security agents, and to supporting IDPs, returning refugees and any other victim of the unfortunate insurgency” Zulum was quoted by his spokesman, Malam Isa Gusau, in a message released Christmas morning from Maiduguri.
Gusau added that Zulum had like other festivals, ensured salaries of workers were paid well ahead of the Christmas, while all kinds of welfare support were provided to numerous groups of persons in line with critical needs and traditions.
‘Why I believe in Carrot and Stick approach’
In his Christmas message, Governor Zulum called on security agents to remain committed to their patriotic duties and solemn pledge to safeguard lives and property of citizens, promising them sustained encouragement.
“We will continue to accord far reaching support to security forces, especially those who have shown their dedication and gallantry. We will commend and reward, and where there is the need to raise voices of concern, we will do so on behalf of our citizens whom we were sworn to protect. I believe in carrot and stick approach, and this is based on my personal principles and my training in the academics. Critical thinking is the foundation of academics and in this, the philosophy is to look at the opposite sides of every case study. From the academic point of view, there is never one side to any case under study and this is why I commend, I reward, and I also criticize. I take every issue on its own merit and I do so with the best of intentions and without fear or favour, affection or ill will. May God grant us lasting peace in Borno and Nigeria”, Zulum said, as quoted in the Christmas message.

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