Core North Doesn’t Dictate to Other Parts, ACF Replies

In a riposte to the allegations against the North, the ACF said every section of the country is free to express itself in a democratic setting.

The spokesman of ACF, Mr. Emmanuel Yawe, said yesterday that politics is a game of numbers and that northerners always vote together.


He said: “These groups are free to say what they want. After all, Nigeria is said to be a democratic country. They are talking to a section of the North they call ‘core north.’

“We in the Arewa Consultative Forum do not discriminate where a Northerner comes from.

“Once you come from the defunct Northern region, you are accepted and treated as equal in the ACF.

“They say the ‘core North’ cannot dictate to them anymore. That means there was a time they accepted dictation from the core north.

“It will be nice if they go further and tell us what they did together at that time.

“These groups are looking for whom to fight in Nigeria. We in the ACF count ourselves lucky because we are not their target.

“If you look at the heads of state most of them come from the North.

“But most of these heads of state did not come through democratic means, they came through undemocratic means.

“So, when we are talking in a democracy, it is different from somebody who carried a gun and chase people out of power.

“We have had more heads of state than the South. But they came through a democratic process. You see politics is a game of number. If the North has dominated the politics of the country, it means they have more numbers and they always vote together.”

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