Ahead of the opening of his defence on Monday, the suspended Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ibrahim Magu, promised on Friday to cooperate with the Justice Ayo Salami Presidential Investigation Committee.

But he asked for what he called fair- minded probe proceedings against him and


said he was not contemplating any legal proceedings against President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration that has given him an opportunity to serve the country.

Magu made his position known in a statement in Abuja through his counsel, Mr. Wahab Shittu

The statement: “Our client appreciates the panel for ordering his release from custody even if the panel indicated it never ordered his detention at any time in the first place.

“Our client appreciates the efforts of the Buhari Administration in its commitment to the war against corruption including the ongoing probe being undertaken by the Hon justice Salami investigation panel.

“Our client undertakes to cooperate fully with the Salami panel by making available to the panel formal response to the allegations against him in the social media platforms and newspapers since he has not been formally served with copies of the allegations against him by the panel.”

But Magu, who asked Nigerians not to prejudge him, demanded a fair-minded probe by Salami committee.

The statement added: “Our client strongly appeals for a fair- minded probe proceedings against him including an open mind by the Nigerian people until the probe process is completed.

Our client acknowledges the widely respected integrity of Mr President and chairman of the probe panel, Hon Justice Ayo salami ( Rtd) and is hopeful that the truth in his case will ultimately prevail.

“ Our client urges Nigerians and the international community to continue to support the current administration’s quest to rid our society against graft.

Our client takes his current travails with philosophical calmness without bitterness in the belief that no one is above the law, that no matter how big anyone is, the law is bigger. “ “Our client pleads that no publication be attributed to him without clearance from him directly or his counsel on record.

“ Our client will never be a party to any derogatory comments against this Administration which he considers himself to be an integral part of, and the President he respects so much.”

For the second time in a week, Magu ruled out court action against the administration of Presidenti Muhammadu Buhari on his travails.

“ Our client is not contemplating any legal proceedings against this Government that has given him an opportunity to serve and for which he retains uncommon respect and admiration mainly because of the commitment of the Administration to the anti-corruption crusades which he shares with passion.”

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