#EndSARS Mayhem: My Boys Burnt Tinubu’s Hotel – Nnamdi Kanu


Leader of outlawed  group, IPOB Nnamdi Kanu has claimed responsibility for the mayhem that followed the #EndSARS protests in Lagos this week.

In a monitored phone – in program on Radio Biafra,  Kanu pointedly claimed ” I gave instructions that my members must target Tinubu and his investments. Now, his hotel is in flames” he  said boastfully


The Biafra leader vowed to relentlessly pursue Tinubu  to anywhere he may be in Europe. ” We will track him down and make him see the anger of IPOB, the largest mass movement in the world. Just track him for me” he said


Shedding light on his involvement in the statewide mayhem, Kanu revealed that he asked his members to infiltrate the #EndSARS protesters and team up with the protesters, ” so we can make the country ungovernable. Our aim is very clear ”

“This will continue until we achieve our purpose of breaking the country or until people in the zoo realize that they have to let Biafra be” he vowed

3 thoughts on “#EndSARS Mayhem: My Boys Burnt Tinubu’s Hotel – Nnamdi Kanu

  1. Why publish lies? You really think the youths will still fall for this old trick of tribal sentiments tactics? Britain is trying their best to defend their loot ground with cheap propaganda. We the oduduwas are far wiser and will not fall for this again!

  2. Nnamdi Kalu is a liar from the pit of hell! Who are his so called boys? What happened is beyond him and his dream Ipob, so he should never be taken serious

  3. Kanu should weigh the consequences of his actions against any yoruba man in Lagos or any where in the Southwest which is regarded as their ancestral homeland.

    He shouldn’t be clever by half even as he portrays himself as a coward to realize that the innocent Igbo traders and industrialists in Yoruba land may experience catastrophic reprisals that may eventually become worse than Australia wild fire across the Southwestern Region. Mark my word.

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