Hisbah Bans Use Of Mannequin To Display Clothes In Kano

The Kano State Hisbah Board has banned the use of mannequins to display clothes by tailors, supermarkets and boutique owners

The Commander-General of the board, Shaikh Harun Ibn Sina, made this known in a statement issued on Wednesday.


Shaikh Ibn Sina said the use of mannequins by tailors, supermarkets and others contravened Islamic injunctions.

He added that the board would embark on sensitisation of the public to educate them on how Islam frowns at the use of mannequins.

He said after sensitisation, the board would embark on raiding of those places to remove the mannequins, describing their use for advert purposes as idolatry.

“We divided Kano into five areas for monitoring and implementation of the ban across the state,” he added.

1 thought on “Hisbah Bans Use Of Mannequin To Display Clothes In Kano

  1. At last, the embarrassing and sexy manuqueins have been banned in Kano state. Hopefully, it would extend to the entire Northern states and the entire country.
    It’s quite criminal and disgraceful that people should be using such nude statures to advertise their products thereby exposing men and women to stupid images and portraying Nigerians as backward people. I pray that other progressive and morally upright states would follow suite.
    May Allah strengthen Hisbah and the entire people who facilitated this ban.

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