Jigawa PDP In Crisis Over Imposition Of Sule Lamido Group By National Secretariat

Crisis of confidence between former governor Sule Lamido and his forner chief of staff, Mal. Aminu Ringim over who controls  the party in Jigawa State has plunged the party into serious dilemma,  a situation which  may call for the attention of the national secretariat of the party .
It first started with the recent appointments of exco officials of the party in the 27 local government councils of Jigawa State by the State Caretaker Committee headed by Rt. Hon. Umar  Mungadi,  an actions which was rejected, and challenged by Aminu Ringim factions of the PDP.
Addressing a press conference in Dutse, Mal. Aminu Ringim said” we condemned the actions of the state caretaker committee of our party with regard to this appointments on  the ground that we were not  communicated officially, nor included in the process”
“Initially we taught the State Caretaker committee sent to Jigawa State by the National Secretariat of our party will do justice to all warring factions in carrying every one along, but to our greatest dismay the committee has taken side in favouring Governor Lamido led PDP, situation which we must  be fought  in order to ensure equity, and social justice”
He contended that out of the 135 people appointed by the state caretaker committee of the jigawa PDP in the 27 councils in the state, none of our members was consulted, nor having a singular representations.
Ringim further stated that based on this Shylock, and mischievous tendency of our state caretaker committee, we have lost confidence in the committee, as well call on our party national Secretariat to without further delay dissolve the said jigawa state caretaker committte, and replace it with appropriate body that will guaranteed equity, and social justice, amongst the warring parties.
It will be recalled that since its defeat during the last 2019 gubernatorial elections crisis of confidence amongst the two gladiators of the party the  former governor sule lamido and his former chief of staff Mal. Aminu Ringim over who controls the party started brewing through the use of social media with the help of the supporters of the two groups through exchanged of confrontational remarks, character assasination, among other trending word’s.
This among other disputes metamorphosed into the formation of the state caretaker committee by the Central Working Committee of the PDP headed by Rt. Hon. Umar Mungadi to among others reconciled both the warring factions,  mend all impending inter-house anomalies, as well set machinery in mortion towards holding elections of the state EXCO of the party at appropriate time.

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