Lagos Speaker’s Aide Resigns From APC, Vows To Challenge Sanwo-olu

Dr Abdullateef Abdul Hakeem has resigned his membership of the ruling All Progressives Congress in order to contest the 2023 governorship in Lagos. The Politician disclosed this yesterday in his independence anniversary message. See full details below :



I wish to tender my resignation from the ruling party APC.

I am grateful to all my leaders especially ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU. Asiwaju is a great leader who fought tenaciously for democracy. When I joined politics he was there for me and assisted me greatly to occupy very enviable positions in the government. He has developed so many other individuals in very many capacities. May Allah reward you abundantly.

To all other leaders of our party too numerous to mention , may the good Lord continue to be with you.

I thank all past governors I worked with and apologise to those I may have offended while switching support due to party loyalty.

I appreciate the current governor Babajide Sanwoolu who is really working hard to make Lagos state better. I urge all Lagosians to join hands with the governor to move Lagos to a greater height.

The speaker of the House of ASSEMBLY is a personal friend and brother who has been very generous to me. Rt Hon Mudashiru Obasa, may the Lord continue to bless you. I appreciate your support and we shall remain brothers.

To all other members of our party including my mentor Otunba Oladele Ajomale and the state Chairman of our party, Alhaji Tunde Balogun , Baba Olusi and all members of the GAC, I pray that may our Lord continue to be with you.

I launched a movement IYEPE 2023 because I believe that the Nigerian Constitution allows freedom of expression and the rights of all Citizens to participate in bringing about the needed transformation in all sectors of the economy.

I am an indegene of Lagos state and an Awori by birth. I therefore have a duty to take positive steps including admonitions and practical reorientation of our people towards the ideal society we crave for.

My desire is to win the pleasure of my lord which no political position can replace and that is why I am not desperate. I will be totally FULFILLED when I am able to make efforts to enlighten our people about good governance, welfarism, the growth and development of the youth, the care of the elderly, the growth of the private sector, the ideals of Constitutional Democracy and better lifestyles for the leaders and the led.

This movement has been rejected by some close leaders I respect. I have therefore decided to leave the party in order not to create disunity within the party. Please do not persecute or victimise my followers who have chosen to stay in APC. I leave them all in the care of the Lord. I am more concerned about paradise and I am not afraid of death. I will continue to preach the word of God and invite all Nigerians regardless of their religions, colour and race to be determined to be different. WE CANNOT CONTINUE THIS WAY.

Today is the Independence anniversary. We thank God for preserving our lives till date. But we can do better than this.


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