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Several people have testified to receiving notable miracles “from a distance” after praying along with Nigerian Pastor TB Joshua on his television channel Emmanuel TV.


Christopher Johns, a Liberian from New Kru Town in Montserrado, has publicly testified to receiving healing from “advanced kidney problems” by praying along with Joshua.

“I’m so grateful to God Almighty for locating me through the anointed prayers of the Senior Prophet TB Joshua,” Johns began in a celebratory Facebook post.

The Liberian explained that he discovered Joshua through “the spirit of discernment” although many tried to discourage him from following the cleric online.

 “People tried very hard to dissuade me from following him by saying all kinds of evil things about him,” he explained. “But deep down in my heart and through my communion with God Almighty, I realised that he is indeed a true Prophet.”

The Liberian nursed plans to visit The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos State, Nigeria but his intentions were thwarted by the coronavirus outbreak and the closure of borders.

However, distance proved to be no barrier as Christopher experienced miraculous healing in his house without having to take a journey to Nigeria.

“Last week, while sitting in my room watching the anointed prayer services, I asked the Lord to locate me as well,” he recounted.

“Prophet TB Joshua began talking to viewers all over the world that were watching him and saying, ‘As this person is being delivered, you too are delivered!’ Then he began to pray against various illnesses in the kidney, liver, blood, faculties,” he explained.

Johns touched the screen of Emmanuel TV and “continued to say ‘Amen’ and claim my healing”.

According to him, he received an incredible miracle at that moment! “To my greatest joy, I got healed,” he simply explained, adding that all the symptoms associated with the kidney problem left him.

“To cut long story short, I received a touch from Jesus Christ through his anointed Prayers that healed me of an advanced kidney problem,” he concluded.

Juan Broomes from Barbados also testified that she was healed from ‘multiple fibroids’ after praying along with Joshua.

Broomes, who said she suffered with fibroids for over twenty years, was advised to undergo an operation but was discouraged by the cost and potential side-effects.

“I had many symptoms such as heavy periods, frequent urination, stiffness and a hardness in my abdomen, pain sometimes and a huge stomach,” she recounted.

The 51-year-old discovered Emmanuel TV “while surfing the internet” and “it became a part of my life”.

According to her: “After praying with Emmanuel TV, I was having a period and I had a strong urge to urinate. When I was on my way to the bathroom I felt this huge object making its way down my passage. By the time I sat on the toilet, it dropped out!”

Over the next four days, more than thirty to forty pieces of fibroid fell out of her body. “Right now, I am free! No more symptoms and my stomach is no longer hard. Many thanks and praise be to God who made it possible through the Man of God Prophet T B. Joshua,” she testified.

Emmanuel TV is the world’s most subscribed Christian ministry YouTube channel, with its videos amassing more than 600 million views.

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