NCDC warns of community transmission as Nigerians travel for holiday

THE Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has warned over a possible community transmission of COVID -19 pandemic with the expected mass return of Nigerians from across the globe to celebrate the festive season at home.

COVID -19 confirmed cases continue to increase in what appears to be a second wave of the pandemic, which led to a lockdown earlier in the year.


As of December 12, Nigeria had 72,757 confirmed cases with 1,194 deaths.

The Head of Risk Communication at the NCDC, Dr. Yahaya Disu, who spoke during a webinar organised by a non-governmental organisation, Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organisation, lamented the non-compliance to all the COVID -19 protocols.

Disu said this was not the time for Nigerians to relax their guards, noting that the erroneous belief that COVID -19 had been conquered and was no more in Nigeria should be discarded.

He said the fact that people do not feel at risk anymore and do not comply with COVID -19 procedures was worrisome.

Disu noted that physical or social distancing, hand hygiene and wearing of face masks still remained the best prevention tools against contracting the pandemic.

He said: “The publicity on COVID -19 has been declining, but we need the media to continue to report the pandemic so Nigerians will know it is still with us. People do not feel at risk and do not comply with COVID -19 protocols anymore and it is worrisome.

“Despite the ongoing efforts to produce vaccines, mask wearing, hand washing and physical distancing still remain the three best tools to fight COVID -19 and it is very important to go for testing to prevent the spread.

“At individual level, we must protect ourselves, support one another and follow advice provided by NCDC, Ministry of Health and WHO. It is not the time to relax and we must stay at home, if there is no need to travel.

“We are encouraging all sectors to take leadership and design their own guidelines to stem the spread of COVID -19.”

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