Olujimi: internal crisis may rob Ekiti PDP of 2022 gov

The Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) in Ekiti may lose out of the 2022 governorship poll, former Senate Minority Leader Biodun Olujimi has warned.

She said the party will continue to wallow in crisis until the preponderance of injustices perpetrated by the party’s national leadership is redressed.


Olujimi warned the crisis that has split the state chapter into factions may consume and spell doom for it in the 2022 gubernatorial poll.

The lawmaker representing Ekiti South Senatorial District spoke at the weekend at her Omuo-Ekiti country home during a meeting with PDP leaders in her district.

She noted the alleged illegality perpetrated during the party’s wards, council and state congresses have weakened Ekiti PDP.

She added the chaotic developments were not unexpected going by the level of impunity, injustice and partiality that has become the lots of the party.

Olujimi vowed not to backtrack from her struggle with other leaders of the party to reposition and restore sanity to Ekiti despite the gang-up against them by a group of renegades in the party.

She insisted the current struggle was intended to change the status quo riddled with impunity and supplant it with a new order where party’s operational principles will be justice, equity and fairness.

Olujimi said she has no personal issues with the former Governor Ayodele Fayose but only poised to liberate Ekiti PDP from the vestiges of oppression and impunity as well as their promoters who have become an albatross around the party’s neck.

She said it was wrong for anybody to think that she was in the current struggle for personal ambition, saying the only reason there is PDP in Ekiti is because of her being a senator keeping the flag of the party flying.

“We are where we are today as a result of the dictatorial nature and selfish interest of one man who sees himself as the alpha and omega of the party.

“But vast majority of party members across the 16 local government areas of Ekiti are ready to change the order and give everyone a sense of belonging in the management of the party. No one should be left out in the decision-making process.

“And for us to be able to dislodge APC in the 2022 gubernatorial poll, the party must purge itself of impunity and ensure justice, equity and fairness is done. Where there is no justice, equity and fairness, the party can’t win an election.

“Winning comes from oneness of mind, and the ability to carry everyone along. But in a situation where one person is claiming ownership of the party and that other people don’t count, then we are bound to lose. We can only win as a team. Twice that Fayose won election, we won as a team.

“Our leaders at the national want to support the minority against the majority. But if they don’t listen to us, they will have themselves to blame.

“For us to win, there must be justice. Our national leadership knows what to do to resolve the crisis. Thank God 2022 is still two years from now,” she said.

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