Rumble In Tuface Idibia’s Marriage, As Simbling Reveals, ‘My Brother Is Dying Slowly’, Accuses Annie Of Being Fetish

Charles Idibia, one of the siblings of music star Tuface, says his brother is dying slowly.

Charles said this in response to the allegations of Annie, the musician’s wife, that her husband’s family do not like her



* Charles Idibia, Tuface brother 

In a series of posts on Instagram, Annie had accused Tuface of messing around with Pero, one of his baby mamas.

She had said despite all the sacrifices she has made for Tuface, his family does not like her

“Your family never loved me from the beginning. No matter how hard I tried. I was never worthy to them,” she wrote.

But responding, Charles alleged that Annie had been taking advantage of the calm nature of her husband’s family members.

He accused her of attempting to blackmailing his brother, vowing to expose a lot about Annie.

Below is his post.

“You are bringing up a Disney trip that happen pre-covidl9 simply because you somehow cannot totally have your way today like you are used to. Trying to paint your husband bad publicly (because he is a very private person) is your threat tool and means of gaining control? …and I thought you were smart , abi dey dealer gave you the wrong dose today?

“Asking your mum who lives in one of bedrooms to add more fire to the Juju pot is would have been a smarter move but as God will have it, you choose today to expose yourself.

“You better finish what you started this Night , because maybe ,just maybe the public might just help us all . Inno is deing slowly, never seen a man so unhappy in real life , but we must all maintain ‘peace’ that has never existed from day one …fuck that shit ! done .

“The idibia family never gave you peace you say , please bring out all the wrong we did to you and post on your page pls , because i have alot to say , and am going to say it regardless.”

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