Sacked Power Minister :I Didn’t Faint As A Result Of Sack, Nor Hospitalised Because Of It, Wasn’t Feeling Fine Even A Week Before My Removal

Sale Mamman, former Minister of Power, has explained his absence from his residence after he was dropped from the federal cabinet.

There have been reports that the former minister landed in hospital after he received the news of his sack.


However, in a telephone interview with BBC Hausa, Mamman debunked the reports.

The former minister, who admitted that he had been ill, said he has been receiving treatment since last weekend.

“Even before the sack was announced, I have been seriously ill. I had not even gone to the office since earlier in the week.”

“So, yesterday (Wednesday) and today (Thursday) I also went back to the hospital for another round of check-up; and the doctor instructed that I needed some ‘rest’ so I remained at one place to rest,” he said.

“I found a serene and quiet environment to rest and take medication as recommended by the doctor. I didn’t stay at home because sympathisers are trooping to console me; this would prevent me from resting and convalescing on time.

“But I was also not hospitalised, and I didn’t faint as reported.”

Buhari told me of my sack over the phone’

Mamman also said on Monday night, Buhari called him on the phone to inform him of the impending sack.

He said the president thanked him for his support to his administration.

“Whether I am fired or not, I must step down in two years away,” he said.

Flashing back to 2019 when he was appointed, he said he didn’t lobby to be made minister, rather he was called to submit his CV, “And within two hours; I was informed that I’ve been appointed minister.”

Mamman, a native of Taraba State, was appointed minister on August 21, 2019.

He was fired alongside Sabo Nanono, former minister of Agriculture on September 1, 2021


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