Tambuwal : Nigeria Needs A Leader With A Broad Worldview in 2023 Not A Parochial One

Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State has decried the state of insecurity in Nigeria, attributing the challenges to the failure of government.
He said putting in place appropriate leadership and restructuring the security and governance structure of the nation would go a long way in tackling the challenges.

This, the Governor stated, should be the focus of Nigerians in choosing the next President in 2023.
He spoke in Lagos during the 63rd birthday lecture of Mr Richard Akinnola.
Tambuwal, who delivered the lecture on “Security Challenges in Nigeria and its Implications for Sustainable Development”, said Nigeria needs a nationalistic leader in tune with modern technology, not a parochial leader.
He said, “Nigeria needs a leader that is versatile. One that has friends and associates across the length and breadth of this country.
“A leader with a broad world view and not a parochial and provincial politician.
“We need an incorruptible leader who understands that the best way to fight corruption is by personal examples and also by the building of strong institutions that can withstand shocks and manipulations.
“Nigeria needs a leader in tune with the times. Who is reasonably aware of the modern demands of technology in solving societal problems.
“Yes, Nigeria needs a bridge builder. A compassionate leader, sensitive to the needs and aspirations of the poor and needy. A leader whose words count and can be counted on. Indeed, a leader with courage.
“An accountable leader who can be trusted to face the challenges of nationhood squarely without sentiments or pandering to interests that are inconsistent with national goals.
“A visionary leadership imbued with a sense of patriotism will go a long way in changing the narrative of insecurity in Nigeria.
“A leadership that is nationalistic and not tribalistic, a leadership that promotes national unity, not disunity.”
Tambuwal added that the leader required by Nigeria is one that will regard Nigeria as his constituency, not his State, tribe, religion or region, adding the leader should be able to inspire the nation to achieve greatness.
“A leadership that galvanises, mobilises and directs Nigerians on the path to sustainable peace, progress and development. Such a leader will not regard any part of the country as conquered people.
“A leader with these qualities will reach out to all and sundry and ensure that insecurity ravaging the country is put to flight,” he submitted.
The police question
Tambuwal also called for the decentralisation of the policing system, saying the president can initiate such a bill and personally take it to the two chambers of the National Assembly.
He said the Nigeria Police as presently constituted is very weak hence the deployment of the military in virtually every State.
This, according to him, implies that Nigeria is in a permanent state of emergency.
“Good Governance is yet another major panacea for curbing insecurity in Nigeria.
“This requires that Government at all levels must take deliberate steps to ensure good and accountable governance that focuses on the needs of the people.
“Socio-Economic Development factor is also key to peace and security.
“Examples and researches have shown that with good governance and strong institutions, most people are less likely to become enemies of the state, or embrace crime when they can see development and opportunities,” the Governor added.


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