Tension As Abdulrazaq, Saraki’s Supporters ‘Engage In Shouting Match ’ At Eid Ground

Supporters of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq and former Senate President, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki, engaged in a shouting match at the Eid praying ground in Ilorin on Tuesday

Security operatives had a hectic time controlling the crowd as the situation almost went out of hand.


The governor arrived the venue around 9:08am, with Saraki and the Chief Imam already seated.

As the governor made his way through the crowd, his supporters cheered him with chants of “Sai Rahman!”, Sai Rahman!”.

Few minutes after the governor took his seat, the Chief Imam of Ilorin, Sheikh Muhammad Bashir Solih, commenced the prayer apparently to calm the situation.

But shortly after the end of the two unit prayer, supporters of Saraki and some worshippers started to shout “Sai Bukky”, “Sai Bukky”.

As the situation was getting nervous, the governor exited the venue with some of his supporters while the “Sai Bukky” chants continued.

The development swayed peoples attention away from listening to the sermon of the Chief of Imam who led the prayer at 9:13 before slaughtering his ram at 9:25am.

In his sermon, the Chief Imam admonished the worshippers to imbibe the virtues of the Eid by demonstrating the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim to better their community and humanity.

He said the festival should serve as a reflection of the benefits of unshaken faith in Allah as exemplified by Prophet Ibrahim who is described as the father of faith.

Meanwhile, AbdulRazaq reiterated his message of peace and tolerance among Nigerians, hours after the Eid prayer.

In a short interview with reporters before paying homage to the Emir of Ilorin Dr Ibrahim Sulu-Gambari, AbdulRazaq said development occurs only in an atmosphere of peace, mutual tolerance and understanding.

“It is a message of peace. There is no alternative to peace. This is a state of harmony and we should let it remain like that. Our founding fathers worked so hard to entrench peace in the state and we will continue to promote peace and unity in our dear state,” AbdulRazaq told reporters.

“It is a new frontier. Security wise, we have seen improvements across the country. We are certain that things will continue to get better.”

He urged Kwarans to use the occasion ofSsallah to look inward and preach peace and unity, and support one another as brothers.

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