Says Buhari praised Zulum thrice on Monday

UN Deputy Secretary General, Amina Mohammed on Tuesday in Maiduguri, explained the purpose of her one day official trip to Borno.


She noted that her delegation was in Banki a town in Bama Local Government Area for an interface with internally displaced persons taking refuge in different camps.

She said “Our visit here, one to countries that we are making in solidarity with government and UN staff that are working on ground, and also to hear in terms of responses of the crisis that has befallen the world of covid-19 pandemic and how we can amplify the priorities and efforts that are needed by government.”

“This morning coming to Borno was specifically for people to understand that in contex of Nigeria there is still an ongoing challenge with some areas of Borno State. Of course conflicts in many areas still under the security threat of Boko Haram insurgents.”

” Borno State in itself is a destination for investment, it is very timely that we visit not just on the humanitarian side but also on the development side. If we are to come out of the crisis one must come to situation where you find prosperity and sustainable livelihood. We look forward to continued collaboration with you, one that can be build with peace and prosperity.”

The Deputy UN boss also stated that on visit to Banki the delegation clearly noticed that the internally displaced persons wanted to go back home. She added that most of the people wanted their sources of livelihood back and have access to basic services.

She also said, Boko Haram insurgency is one of the worst situations that affects the region, she was however optimistic that there are a lot of opportunities to bounce back.

She also commended the plan by the Borno State Government to bring places that were hitherto occupied by the insurgents and has affected by the insecurity back to life.

She noted that, covid-19 pandemic has implications on the socio economic situation, but she assured that it would not relent the United Nations in providing health services to stop the transmission of the ravaging pandemic.

The Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations, Hajjia Amina Mohammed has commended the examplary leadership exhibited by the Borno State Governor, Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum on Tuesday at the Government House in Maiduguri.

Hajjia Amina testified that President Muhammadu Buhari was full of praise to the Governor when she visited him yesterday at the State House in Abuja.

“I was speaking to the President yesterday, he was full of praises to the leadership of Borno State. I think three times he told us the leadership of this State was really very good and his pleasure to try to support bringing back normalcy to Borno State.” Hajjia Amina said.

Responding, Governor Babagana Umara Zulum expressed appreciation to all the development partners for their continued support to the government and people of Borno State.

The Governor informed his visitors that the State Government have received an overwhelming request from the people to return to their ancestral towns, he said the process of return are been carefully planned taking into account all factors such as security, shelter, livelihood and continued presence of civil authorities to maintain peace and inspire confidence to the communities.

The Governor added, despite the challenges the state government had successfully returned people to places their origin which were compound to be safe.

The Governor also stated that consultations and emperical data have shown that livilhood remains the challenge affecting internally displaced persons.

The Governor however assured that Government of Borno State will continue support in providing shelter, food, funds and most importantly working hard to revive small scale industries to create opportunities for sustainable development and job for all.

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