UNILAG : Governing Council Document Details Alleged Financial Recklessness That Led To VC’s Ouster


As the controversy over the removal of Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe as the Vice Chancellor of University of Lagos envelope the airspace,National Mail Online  learnt  that alleged   institution of a reign of financial recklessness on the part of the VC could be the root cause of the crisis.All these are contained in documents which the Governing Council made available to government yesterday.

National Mail Online learnt that the crisis started when the Governing Council queried the VC over the award /change of contract sum in respect of Janitorial Services for Faculties and Libraries without Tenders Board & F& GPC Ratification.The contract sum was N51,263,215.22 while the VC allegedly  paid out  extra N7,802,312.62 without F&GPC approval.


The VC’s defence that the contract is of March-August 2016,a period predating the appointment of the Governing Council was rejected because the contract on 23rd August 2016 but the effective date for the  commencement of the contract was 1st May 2017,when the Governing Council was already in place.

Prof. Ogundipe and his cronies we learnt also allegedly spent N57,921,582 (Fifty seven million, nine hundred and twenty one thousand, five hundred and eighty two Naira) on International Travels in 6 months.

Out of this, N35,820,819 (61.84%) went to Ogundipe. Breakdown are as follows: S/N Name Amount (N ) 1 Prof. L.O. Chukwu 1,982,495.00 2 Prof. F. T. Ogunsola 6,295,082.00 3 Dr. (Mrs.) T.F. Ipaye 4,528,723.00 4 Dr.S.A. Adebisi 4,824,248.10 5 Prof. O. B. Familoni 4,470,215.00 6 Prof. O. T. Ogundipe 35,820,819.00 Total 57,921,582.10

An academic staff is only entitled to N300,000 as subsidy for Learned Conference irrespective of the distance all over the world. The Governing Council therefore asked the ousted VC  why should he approve estacodes for non-principal officers to travel?

Professor Ogundipe was also asked why was Dr Ipaye ,the former Registrar given estacode to travel, after leaving office?  What was the justification for payment of Local running allowance in International travel, even when the Financial Regulation prohibits that?




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