Yomi Aliyu, SAN : No one is funding Sunday Igboho’s suits, says our chamber has rejected all peanuts donated based on our client’s instructions

The lead counsel for Chief Sunday Adeyemo (aka Sunday Igboho) Chief Yomi Aliu (SAN) has denied claims that some groups and individuals are sponsoring the suits filed by Igboho in Nigerian courts.

He disclosed that he has been rejecting what he described as peanuts being offered by some groups and individuals based on Igboho’s instruction.


In a statement on Saturday, Aliu also faulted criticism of Justice Igweatu for the conditions he gave for the bail of Igboho’s aides at a Federal High Court, Abuja. He said the criticisms showed that the critics are ignorant of the law of the land.

The statement read: “It has come to our notice that various groups and individuals that have nothing to do with the case filed by Chief Sunday Adeyemo a.k.a Igboho Oosa have been laying claims to sponsoring the suits and/or criticising decisions of court thereon.

“We want to be quick to say that as at today no group and/or individual has contributed a kobo to the two cases going on in Nigeria to wit, his aides’ case in Abuja and the Ibadan matter. Various peanuts offered by some very loud groups have been turned down by me on my client’s instructions.

“He has been carrying his cross alone with no assistance from home or abroad! People should be brave to challenge any individual and/or group asking them for money on bail on his behalf or those of his aides!

“Bail is free in all Courts in Nigeria and as such neither Igboho nor his aides need assistance on bail. Our client is willing and able to prosecute his matters to logical conclusions without peanuts being offered by those claiming to be involved in his struggle.

“We also wish to educate those criticising the bail conditions ordered by the Federal High Court, Abuja. The criticisms are unfounded and only came out of ignorance of the law on bail. The judge has a discretion which had been exercised by him judicially and judiciously in our matter.

“The sagacity and bravery of the Judiciary should be commended in this season of anomy where security outfits, especially DSS, are lords unto themselves with no respect for the rule of law and or institution for the same. We should not forget so soon the invasion of judges’ homes in what they tagged “sting operations” to embarrass not the judges concerned but to cow the institution into total submission and oblivion. This is why every democrat and believers in the rule of law should give loud ovations to Igweatu J. Of the Federal High Court, Abuja and Diran Akintola J. of Oyo State High Court. Today is definitely history tomorrow.

Back to the issue of bail. Bail is for an individual and can never be granted jointly. If 2 people stand for 8 defendants what happens if one absconds? Will the judge now lift the bail hitherto granted to the rest 7? The group criticising the bail terms have very eminent lawyers in their midst and have direct access to the undersigned thereby putting serious doubt as to whether the criticism emanated from them or from the usual 5th Columnists in the security outfits bent on putting wedges on the joint efforts of the populace searching for justice.


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