You’re disconnected from your people; APC Tells Bimbo Daramola


The All Progressives Congress, (APC) in Ekiti state has advised the former House of Representatives member from Ekiti State, Hon. Bimbo Daramola to reconnect with his people so that he can see the projects going on in his Ire Ekiti home town and others across the State.

In a recent newspaper interview, Bimbo Daramola claimed that most projects that are being advertised in Ekiti, were on paper and that Governor Fayemi has not done well. But in a reaction through its Director of Media and Publicity, Elder Sam Oluwalana, the party described Bimbo’s expected outburst as a figment of his imagination and definitely not a reflection of the view of the people of Ire- Ekiti.


Oluwalana once again advised other members of the party still thinking like Bimbo to stop cynicism and think constructively about the present administration, rather than join forces with miscreants masquerading as politicians.

“It amounts to crass irresponsibility for party stalwarts to heap blames on the executive governor of the state, Dr Kayode Fayemi, especially when such blame is a lie from the pit of hell”; says the statement.

The statement continues; “There is no gain saying that the present administration has been doing everything possible to make every community in the state to feel the impact of government, especially in the area of provision of infrastructure.

“We wish to inform Bimbo Daramola who pretends to be sleeping by denying the projects going on around his home town, especially that of the road construction going on in the town that the long abandoned Ilupeju- Ire-Igbemo-Ijan road is undergoing construction. Ilupeju to Ire has been asphalted while Ire to Igbemo shall be asphalted in a matter of days and this will reach Ijan also.

“Apart from this project which Bimbo decides not to see despite being in his backyard, we also wish to let him know that the other road constructions which have reached over 60 percent and above are the Agbado- Ode-Isinbode- Omuo, Aramoko- Erijiyan, New Ado- Iyin, Ibuji-Igbara-Odo-Ilawe- Ado, Oye-Isan- Iye-Ikun among other.
The Agro- Allied cargo airport is under construction, there is abolition of school fees, hospitals have been renovated and equipped, about 780 schools are being renovated, all dams in the State have been renovated and over 275 km of pipes have been laid across the State to provide pipe borne water. Thousand of acres of farmland have been acquired and cleared to improve commercial agriculture while giant strides have been recorded in the area of knowledge economy. We can go on and on”.

Continuing, the statement expressed regret over some activities of the former Member of the House of Representatives. “It is unfortunate that someone like Bimbo Daramola, a supposed Honourable member could lie barefaced simply because he has an axe to grind.

“We understand where Bimbo is coming from and we are not surprised about his outburst which is deliberate and a way of ventilating his frustrations after he had been rejected during the last election by his people because he wasted the four years he spent in the House of Representatives on frivolities.

Bimbo is a mere noisemaker who “has no political value at home and we challenge him to produce the results of his Ire ward in past elections including his own election!. He has been losing his ward for eternity! Bimbo is a a paper weight and diaspora politician who only comes to Ekiti during elections.

If he has been resident in the state and familiar with activities of the government, he would have been abreast and know that a major road work is ongoing in his community.

We would have ignored Bimbo who is not better than as a jester but for the unsuspecting public who may take his lies hook, line and sinker, we cannot allow him to get away with that deliberate falsehood and mischief.
Six out of the 10 kilometers from Ilupeju- Ire road have been asphalted and in a matter of weeks the whole stretch from Ilupeju would have been tarred so how can this noise maker and empty barrel say the projects don’t exist?

One may not take him serious because he has not been staying with the people of Ire Ekiti, but will always dash down to reap where he does not sow when an election year is approaching.

Unfortunately for him, he has never won his ward for the APC due to his insincerity and the type of politics he plays with his people.

Dr Fayemi style of governance entails that no project is awarded or executed if there is no assurance that funds will be available for its completion.


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