Zulum: A Visionary Revolutionist In Borno By: Yusuf Adamu

When writers of history will tell the story of Borno again for generations to come, they will say, there was a time when two young men changes the face of history through a revolution. They will remember to put in gold the names of Borno state governor, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum and his deputy, Alhaji Usman Kadafur on a plate and make it stand among those who make history in their time.
It was less than two years when Zulum took the oath of office with a promise to ensure peace and hospitality enjoyed by Borno people returns home.  Prior to their coming about ten years according to time time of history and the records of those who wrote it, conflict in the most disastrous engulf the state, that left the past as a home of peace and hospitality and opened a new chapter of blood, fear and disaster with an untold hardship among its people. The dark days seems never ending, but the resilient people of Borno state keeps hope alive and make decision that soon lite a light of hope for the future.
Not only that the emergence of Zulum opens a new page for peace in Borno state, it has also come with developmental strides that was never imagined in a state like Borno which has suffered many years of unsteady peace. This can be seen in the recent move by the government to upgrade industries in the state that were rather in comatose. The move is also a pointer that, democratic promises can be kept even in the face of uncertainty and hope can build a wall thicker that men’s fury can not penetrate.
The NEITAL Shoes factory, which processes animal skin to leather, and finished shoes, and four factories located at an industrial hub established along Maiduguri-Damaturu highway by then Governor Kashim Shettima, in which 16-chain of factories were installed, most of them for production of plastic irrigation equipment, other plastic products, and processing of variety of agricultural produce are in the warm up to part of history making under this administration.
There are 21 factory-projects in the State capital, some of which are either dormant, at take-off or at very low capacity utilization. Zulum, who tour these factories last Monday, said he was targeting the resuscitation of nine that will operate at their maximum production output. This is a good move and with his visionary style of leadership, it is a matter of time that these factories will have the same look like the BOSCO oil along Jiddari Polo road, which was upgraded to meet today’s standard. For those who knew the state of BOSCO oil before now, you would agree with me that a revolution of historical proportion is ongoing in Borno and the glory will soon return.
The visionary revolution going on in the state calls for support and reassuring commitment of the people. While there were protest and the subsequent disbandment of the SARS – a police arm notorious – if I may use this word for fighting crime across the country, Zulum was calculative in his reaction knowing that he may take the advantage of the situation to have protection for his people knowing how this police outfit has dealt decisively with the most dangerous sect, that ravages Borno and the northeast in the last eleven years since the beginning of the crises in 2009.
In his words, Zukum said “We are not in support of brutality by any security outfit, but to be sincere, here in Borno State the efforts of SARS operatives in the counter insurgency operations need not to be overemphasized. They are doing a wonderful job in containing the security situation in Borno State. They have greatly supplemented the efforts of the Nigerian Military.”
I am sure if government will critically look at the governor’s reaction, there is the long lost answers to the call for ending the insurgency in Borno and the northeast in general to the fact that, rather than disbandment of these brave men, there is the need for them in abundance northeast wide.
Going round Maiduguri, the Borno state capital and counting ongoing developmental projects, I believe the decisions being taken by the leadership of Borno under the Zulum administration is yielding position result and changing the narratives in the prosecution of the eleven years old conflict.
The recent move by this government to relocate internally displaced persons to kukawa were 1000 residents have return home, and the 760 households resettled in their ancestral homes in Ngoshe, Kirawa and Pulka in Gwoza local government speak volumes of the administration’s vision for a new Borno and history will surely speak of people who makes it happen.
History will speak of Zulum, it will also speak of Kadafur, who is believed to be a trusted ally and work according to the instructions given to him by his boss. This would be remembered on his recent assignment in Gwoza, where he spoke in the manner his boss instructed and won the heart of many who sounded a reassuring commitment and support for this administration to succeed.

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